What is “Buffy the vampire slayer” ? part 4 : The villians.

We will always remember the Master with his fruit punch mouth , the sensual and dysfunctionnal Spike/Dru duo along Angelus and his passion for torture and women. The mayor with his irrationnal fear of germs , being a father figure to Faith , the dark slayer. Followed by Adam , related more or less to Frankeinstein and the beautiful Glory , the godess with awesome tastes in clothings and beauty products. Season 6 changes a little bit the deal by making Life the real villian , using the trio of losers as a way to show that. To finish in beauty , THE First with the supervampires and Caleb , the creepy mysoginist pastor.

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Reason 3284739567346762306 why I love Julie Andrews.

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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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before u say anythign rude or offensive just think to urself: would steve rogers say that? if the answer is no, don’t say it 

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Little Buffy Things: Onion blossoms.

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being caught taking selfies is one of lifes most embarrassing moments. 


omg her peace sign lowering in shame

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